The Most Popular database software applications


The Most Popular database software applications: Database is the backbone of any business from high tech industries to public sectors, transaction, the storage, and analytics of data. Database software system is always a big deal for IT professionals, no matters what kind of work you do as an IT professional, there is always certain level of database skills and knowledge are required. In order to provide you best information about most popular database software applications we did quite healthy research on the internet and found some quality stuff for you.


Microsoft access: In windows, the Microsoft access is the most used application which is accessible and cheap from most window workstations and laptops. It comes up with Microsoft office suite which is considered as desktop database, this application is very popular for e-commerce, internet system, and content management system. It runs on Microsoft IIS web server platform.


Informix: This was the object oriented and promising database which comes under the IBM. According to some experts, this data speculated that one day it will replace the RDBMS, that simply means one day it have taken over oracle but it had never happened, thus it was acquired by the IBM and the it has made with some latest version with new features such as, NoSQL capability.


Oracle RDBM: This is specially designed for grid computing which runs on multiple platforms. It has latest version named as 12c in which “c” stand for cloud computing. Oracle is best known database application in the information technology industry. Each and every IT business organisation uses this application. It has unshakeable market share with larger corporations such as, mission critical data centre and government agencies.


Microsoft SQL server: It is a very classy and comprehensive software platform which provides integrated business intelligence tool and enterprise class data management. It delivers breakthrough performance for using memory technologies, mission critical applications, familiar with excel, and managing and deploying solution that span on premised and could. Microsoft offers a very handsome discount to education sectors such as, universities, schools, and public agencies.


SAP Sybase ASE: This is high performance database application which provides operational benefits by lowering risks and costs. After DB2 and Oracle Sybase is the 3rd high performance application in the database field. It is used in banking industry such as, wells Fargo bank. This application is marketed as very affordable and especially designed for high performance which is known as transaction based application. in short we can say it is still a very important and significant players but its future is very doubtful and unclear.


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